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Performing is an artistic process, a consistent endeavor to improve upon one’s skills in an effort to create a performance that is inspiring. Our goal in the Performing Arts is to focus on this process, with significant attention to:

• Developing critical and creative thinking skills
• Strengthening tools for self reflection and correction
• Techniques and skills required to create art
• Fostering respect for the artistic process for self and others
• The focus on the art in you, not yourself in the art



Music is considered an essential part of every student’s education. Within an innovative curriculum are opportunities for both the performing artist and the non-performer to immerse themselves in music. There are courses appropriate for students with little music experience, as well as those who are preparing for careers in music. Our Instrumental and Vocal Music Ensembles performing innovative concerts throughout the year, complemented by a wide variety of musical offerings in a variety of disciplines. Student’s can study the history of music, music theory and composition, electronic music, audio production, and more.


What are the essential skills needed to be an actor? What is the process that actors go through to rehearse for and perform a play?    For beginning to advanced actors, the drama courses focuses on the rehearsal process and the techniques actors use to develop their instruments (body, voice and mind) in order to create compelling characters.  For those students interested in the technical side of theater, we offer a field study program in Technical Theater as well.


Our Dance offerings are designed to provide students with the fundamental techniques needed to express themselves through the art of movement. Students explore a variety of dance styles as well as the use of body conditioning, the understanding of the body in motion and an introduction to technique and concepts of dance.  Students of any level, beginner through advanced, can benefit from our dance curriculum.



The Performing Arts Department offers a comprehensive selection of afterschool activities to complement the curriculum:

  • Fall Play
  • Spring Musical
  • Theater Arts Symposium: A One Act Festival
  • Broadway Dance Workshop
  • Electronic Music Ensemble
  • Jazz Workshop
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Chamber Choir
  • Recorder Club
  • District and All State Festival Participation

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